Thousand-dollar question: Do you need crayon lipstick? In short, yes.  Like lipstick, lip crayons are available in various textures, including matte, semi-matte/velvet, gloss and metallic.

You might be considering if crayon lipsticks are for you. Imagine this; you are on a brunch date with a friend. What do you need other than food? Yes, a selfie! Well, most lipsticks don’t hold up to heavy meals. So touch-ups are required. Crayon lipstick does not disappear completely.

On the other hand, it adheres well, so you can enjoy photo time with your friends without worrying about reapplying. Or quickly whip out a crayon lipstick and swipe across the inner portion of your lips, where the colour usually fades away. Convenient, isn’t it?

The one-stop shop for all your makeup and skincare needs, Health & Glow India, has the best lip crayons available under one roof. So let’s get into more detail about these crayon lip products.

Why is Crayon Lipstick Better than Other Types of Lipstick?

First, it is much more precise compared to lipstick. It has a pointed tip that helps you contour and fill your lips effortlessly. This means you carry less product as it doubles as a liner and lipstick. Using traditional lipstick is always a tricky business!

Second, most crayon lipsticks have very moisturising formulas, gliding smoothly on the lips. Packed with natural moisturisers like coconut oil and kendy oil, these pencils help accentuate thin lips without penetrating chapped lips. You can also try a lip scrub to exfoliate and cleanse your lips before using it.

Lip crayon lipsticks are very gentle, easy to apply and hassle-free. In addition, it contains a lot of jojoba oil and shea butter to care for your lips. Now you can claim that some lipsticks also have these ingredients. Yes, but they cost a fortune, which lip crayons don’t.

Lip crayon sets are much more affordable than lipsticks and pencils, thanks to their retractable design. Also, as opposed to lip pencils, there is no chance of breakage or waste from sharpening.

Last but not least, lipsticks cannot be heavily layered, regardless of how light the colour is. To intensify the colour even more, you can layer them with crayon lipstick shades or use them as a base for lipsticks.

They are simply a more affordable and tidy alternative to traditional lipstick, so which one are you picking?

Different Ways to Use Lip Crayons

Use as a base for lipstick or lip gloss with the help of nude lip crayons. This gives you double protection and also makes the lipstick more durable.

It can also be used as a cheek colour or as an eyeshadow. Dab the product onto your cheeks and blend with a sponge or beauty blender. This instantly adds a pop of colour to your cheek. Feeling more adventurous? Lather this crayon onto your eyelids and spread it evenly. Voila, lip and eye makeup on a budget!

Steps to Apply Lipstick

1. No matter your lip product, you never want your lips to become chapped. Always make sure your lips are properly exfoliated and moisturised.

2. Use the pointed edge of a lip crayon to outline your lips.

3. Place the angled tip of the crayon on your lips and flatten it to fill in your pout. You are now ready to rock your day!

Top Recommendations

Maybelline New York Super Stay Crayon Lipstick

Featuring revolutionary Elastic Ink technology, this is the best lip crayon that glides effortlessly on lips and lasts for 8 hours. In addition, this matte crayon lipstick has a rich matte texture and comes in travel-friendly packaging.

Lakme Enrich Lip Crayon

Infused with the goodness of cocoa butter, shea butter, and olive oil, this crayon from Lakme is a treat! The formula is rich matte but does not dry you out. With this creamy matte lip crayon, you can get a great colour payoff in one swipe.

SUGAR Cosmetics Plush Crush Cream Crayon Lipstick

Enriched with vitamin E, collagen, and hyaluronic acid, their lip crayon shades glide easily on lips to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also contains pomegranate fruit extract to keep your lips hydrated and hydrated.

Faces Canada UltimePro Matte Lip Crayon

With a matte, glossy texture perfect for partygoers, this Faces Canada lipstick is all you need. A single swipe of this highly pigmented crayon stays comfortably on the lips for hours.

Keeping your lips healthy helps the product blend well and give you an appealing look. As you can see, crayon lipsticks are a vast improvement over regular lipsticks. They are essential for women on the go. You can now shop for crayons and other makeup supplies at Health & Glow. So what are you waiting for? Order now!

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