If you are a big fan of original outfits, then open front ankle boots, or peep toe boots, must be in your wardrobe! Wondering how to wear them in summer? Below you will find a handful of ready-made ideas and outfits.

We have already devoted an article to peep toe boots. We will show you here how to introduce them into your summer outfits.

Classic sets always look good!

Do you like minimalism, simple outfits and have a penchant for elegant styles? Open front ankle boots are made for you. They may look very special but they are universal. You can easily wear them with shorts, a skirt or a dress. They come in different forms: stiletto heels, square heels or flat soles, but also with laces, with pull tabs or even without decoration.

Tip from our stylist:

With such shoes avoid wearing flesh-colored tights. Are your boots quite closed and you don’t like to wear them barefoot? Opt for open toe tights or fishnet stockings which will be perfect in this case.

For your daily outfits, choose open ankle boots on a square heel. You can easily wear them with ¾ pants with inscriptions. They will also be ideal with straight jeans, a striped shirt and a bag in intense colors.

You can also create a fashionable style with beige open ankle boots . All you have to do is wear a light white dress and choose a straw bag that is so popular during fashion weeks. Don’t forget the sunglasses! The trend is for small oval-shaped glasses in pink or blue colors. With beige sandal-type peep toe ankle boots , you can wear black ⅞ pants with, for example, an extension at the back of the leg. Thanks to this, they will appear longer.

Openwork peep toe boots: perfect shoes for summer

Shoes with cutouts in the toes or heels will be perfect for hot days. They will successfully replace sandals, and outfits, created with their help, will make a strong impression! You can choose openwork peep toe boots in leather or suede with an interesting geometric pattern on the upper. Models in shades of pink, purple and red will give character to your outfit.

How to wear open ankle boots in intense colors?

They are ideal for completing monochromatic outfits. Raspberry-colored suede ankle boots will make a statement with ripped jeans and a jacket. On the other hand, red open ankle boots on stiletto heels will go perfectly with a little black dress.

To create a bohemian type set, opt for brown open ankle boots with fringes. Add to that a loose maxi dress in pastel colors, a small brown backpack and a white straw hat.

Open and feminine lace-up ankle boots for your evenings

Open front ankle boots are also an undeniable asset for your evening outfits! You can safely replace your stiletto heels with lace-up peep toe boots. With flared pastel dresses, choose open front ankle boots in light shades, such as beige or white.

Tip from our stylist:

When buying this type of shoes, consider the shape of your feet and your figure. If you have pronounced calves, avoid stiletto heels and wide uppers. Opt for thick heels!

It’s not just the plain models that will make your feet feel great. Decorations with embroidery, geometric shapes or rivets are also very fashionable. Models produced from translucent materials are also incredibly interesting.

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