If 2020 saw a drop in gold prices mainly due to the confinement which caused sales of gold jewelery to drop by almost 46% (confinement requires), 2021 suffered a blow back from buyers and sellers of jewels since the increase in sales at the end of December in this sector rose to +40%, a balance having therefore been established between the purchase/sale of gold. So is it profitable to sell gold jewelry in 2021? How ? Whose ? We tell you everything in the rest of this article.

Sell ​​your gold jewelry

Gold Jewelry In The Showcase.?

Often the difficulties of life mean that we have to part with gold jewelry that we held on to as part of the family heritage. Indeed, gold remains a safe bet and an interesting option when you need money quickly. The price of gold in 2021 has recovered after the global health crisis of 2020 and investors are still very numerous in wanting to buy gold. In 2021, the price of gold is stable, the ounce of gold (gram) oscillating between 33 and 55 euros depending on the purity of the gold. Gold jewelry is no exception and even if for you the value of the piece you are selling is beyond the current price, you must always keep in mind that the buyer will take your jewelry back from you depending on its weight and of the purity of the gold that is presented.

To whom do you sell your jewelry and how?

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Each jewel has a particular value for the person who owns it, but sentimental value cannot be taken into account in the sale of your gold or set jewellery.

On the other hand, if your jewel has a story to tell about its origin, it is possible.

Indeed, you can play the card of the history of your jewel if it was created in a large jewelery house (eg Cartier, Hermès, Chaumet, Boucheron ..), in this specific case try to resell your jewels to its prestigious brands so that they take their place in their museums or come back for sale in their shops.

Otherwise, for most gold jewelry, you can get in touch with experts in selling and buying gold, such as the Antic Boterf boutique in Nantes , which has been present in the region for more than 20 years, its owners and their affiliated experts will be able to explain to you the systems for buying and selling gold, estimate your jewelry for free and offer you the best price according to the price of gold established by the LBMA, which alone is in charge of setting the price of the gold internationally.

Selling your gold jewelry in 2021 is still just as easy, but only if you contact the right people. Be careful to direct yourself to well-established gold sellers/buyers who showcase the price of gold on a daily basis. You should also before going to one of these shops find out about the day-to-day price of gold and try to know the exact weight of your jewelry so that you can discuss a possible difference in price and grams when you will come to the store. After that, it’s up to you whether or not you want to sell your gold jewelry.

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