The History of Floristry: Tracing the Roots of Online Flower Delivery

Online Flower Delivery


Flowers have played a significant role in human culture for millennia, and the practice of floristry, the art of arranging flowers, has developed into a thriving industry that now includes online flower delivery kuala lumpur services. This blog post will examine the evolution of flower delivery services and their roots in the history of floristry.

Ancient Times

Flowers have been used by cultures across time and across the globe for decoration and symbolism. Flowers, for instance, served dual purposes as both a decorative element and a sacred offering in ancient Egypt. Flowers were also an important part of ancient Greek religious rituals, with garlands of flowers being offered to the gods and placed on sculptures. The Romans likewise incorporated floral decorations into their celebrations and rituals, and it was at this period that the custom of making floral garlands and wreaths became widespread.

Middle Ages

Flowers remained an important religious emblem throughout the Middle Ages. The term “floristry” comes from its origins in the monastic context, where flowers were farmed and arranged for use in religious ceremonies. The tussie-mussie, a tiny bouquet wrapped in a lace doily and tied with a ribbon, was one of the first flower arrangements to be made during this time.

Renaissance Era

Floriculture, like many other artistic pursuits, experienced a renaissance throughout the Renaissance. The art of floral design advanced and became more refined when Italian painters and designers began making lavish flower arrangements for the wealthy. Charles de l’Ecluse, a Flemish botanist, published “De Florum Cultura” in 1633, and it is widely regarded as the earliest book on floral design.

Victorian Era

During the Victorian era, flowers’ meanings and symbolism were elevated to new heights. Elaborate floral arrangements were made for ceremonies like weddings and funerals so that mourners and the bereaved may share their feelings through the gifts they received. In the Victorian era, “floriography” (the study of flower meanings) became popular, allowing complex emotions to be conveyed through floral arrangements.

Modern Era

Floristry flourished as a profession and a hobby throughout the 20th century. Schools dedicated to teaching the art of floral design emerged, and competitions and exhibitions were created to celebrate the achievements of these artists. When online purchasing became popular in the 1990s, the floral business jumped on the bandwagon. This led to the birth of the first online flower delivery service.

These days, sending flowers for every event, from birthdays and anniversaries to weddings and funerals, is as easy as using an online flower delivery service. Customers may choose from an online florist penang, schedule a delivery day and time, and have the flowers sent straight to the recipient’s door with only a few clicks.


Floriography is a fascinating art form with a rich history that spans centuries and cultural boundaries. Flowers have long been an integral part of human culture and society, from the time of the ancient Egyptians to the present day of online flower delivery. Sending a beautiful and meaningful present to a loved one has never been more convenient than with today’s online flower delivery services. So, the next time you send flowers, think of all the history and customs that went into making them what they are today.

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