“A day at the beach restores the soul.” Life in Australia means watching the tides, lying down in the sun, walking the cliffs and jumping in the waves. Beach days bring sand in the hair and dry seaweed, poking the dunes and gathering bait for a fish. It is like salvation from the mundane life and something which generations after generations have savoured. Whenever you decide to go on a beach, plan and organise the things required to ensure a refreshing retreat. A sand free Beach towel in Australia is the first essential to savour this bounty. A beach towel is a barrier between the sand on the beach and your body. It is effective as a blocker as it is thin and dries out quickly.

Beach towels are super-absorbent and made with soft recycled fabric to make them super attractive and comfortable due to quick-drying in the sun. Let us find out some points of difference between a normal rinsing towel and a towel used at seashore:

  • Form: A beach towel is much larger in size than a bathing towel. Roughly estimated, it may be one and a half times a normal bathing towel. This means that one can wrap a beach towel around himself comfortably.
  • Function: The main purpose of using a beach towel is to avoid sand sticking to the body while you enjoy the sunlight within the vicinity of the waves. This is quite in contrast to a bathing towel which simply dries up the body.
  • Capacity and durability: A beach towel is superior to a normal towel. It gains softness with every wash. It is long-lasting and durable for beach use.
  • Appearance: Usually a beach towel is very peppy and colourful to give a feel of relaxation and haven. It is light in weight and absorbs humidity and moisture swiftly in addition to repelling beach-sand and dust.

A beach towel is a necessity for any beach-goer. Nowadays beach towels come with a variety of accessories too. From a tiny little side pouch to a nifty pocket for keeping valuable, the beach towel caters to all your beach needs. Add to this the fun of carrying a beach towel to a friend’s pool party or gifting personalised beach towels as return gifts. Otherwise, take a beach towel along whenever you travel or simply go out for a picnic. Remotely, a beach towel may serve as a seat protector from the scorching sun, especially when you are wearing shorts. There may be several alternate uses that you can come up with once you own a beach towel. Not just do they make a fashion statement, but also bring in a luxurious touch of comfort with style. Most of the stores offer them with a money-back guarantee, in case you are not satisfied with the quality or comfort. Since they have super-absorbent quality, they make a perfect take-along while going to the gym for a sweaty workout.

The wait for a sand-free beach towel is finally over! Go ahead and get yourself a perfect beach partner for a sand-free experience filled with only pleasant memories and plentiful smiles.

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