Paintings are a beautiful part of interior décor as they bring beauty and right charm to the place. Attractive paintings always catch people’s attention and make them happy. Other than just being a home décor item, paintings can offer thousands of benefits, including good health, fortune, great finances, and opportunities, provided they have been chosen according to Vastu Shastra. This blog is a short guide to Vastu Shastra & ideal Vastu paintings for your home or office. This guide will include the benefits & types of Vastu paintings and the best place to buy them.



When you buy paintings online according to Vastu Shastra, you can get the following advantages:

  • They will bring good luck and fortune to your life.
  • They will make your mind and soul more peaceful.
  • They will enhance flow of money in your life.
  • They will pull in great opportunities and give you success.
  • They will rejuvenate and add positivity to your home and office.
  • They will improve your mutual understanding and relationships with everyone.


There are so many types of paintings that are created as per Vastu Shastra guidelines. If you buy these paintings, you can see a great change in your life. Explore the most famous types of Vastu paintings below:

  • Madhubani Paintings: They highlight the scenes of religion, fertility, and love so they are great for those who are want to improve their relations with friends, family, and co-workers.

 Pattachitra Paintings: They showcase gods and goddesses like Lord Jagannath, his sister Subhadra and brother Balabhadra, and Lord Ganesha. These paintings are great for those who are seeking positivity in their life.

  • Pichwai Paintings: They highlight Lord Jagannath and his life tales. Therefore, people who are seeking happiness and courage can buy these Vastu paintings.

Finding the right painting according to Vastu Shastra that also complements your interior could be challenging task. However, the above painting styles are apt from Vastu point of view and suit almost all interiors. You can hang them in your hall, entryway, or pooja room for the best results.


Now that you have known about the benefits and types of Vastu paintings, it is time to explore the best platforms to buy these paintings online.

The Bimba is one of the best online platforms that has a great range of Vastu Shastra paintings, including Madhubani Paintings, Pattachitra Paintings, and Pichwai Paintings. They source these beautiful artworks from local artists so they can earn a good living through their skills and you can also buy purchase paintings at reasonable prices. The quality of each piece is exceptional. In the case, you find any piece of art not up to the mark, you can contact them and have your queries resolved in a hassle-free way.

Apart from the Bimba, you can also check out ArtZolo, Fizdi, and Gallerist. These websites also have amazing collections of Vastu paintings.

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