An aloe vera shampoo

Why ? Aloe vera is perfect for purifying the hair while preserving its hydration. Rich in vitamins A, B9 and B6, it is also an ingredient of choice to accelerate growth.

How ? Apply a small amount of product in the palm of your hands and massage into damp hair. With the pulp of the fingers, apply circular pressure to promote oxygenation of the scalp. Rinse.

Certified organic hemp and aloe vera shampoo, BeauTerra, €9.45.

 © BeauTerra

A shea oil bath

Why ? It is one of the most nourishing and protective vegetable oils . Applied to the hair, it coats the hair fiber to protect it and make it shine.

How ? Warm the oil between your hands and apply to the scalp, lengths and ends. Wrap your hair in a towel and let it sit overnight. Perform one to two shampoos to rinse

Shea oil, Natessance, €9.80.

 © Natessance

A glycerin spray

Why ? After a night’s sleep, the curls lack spring. To redefine them, bet on vegetable glycerin. Thanks to its emollient action, it restores suppleness and shine. It also helps control frizz .

How ? Spray on dry hair, scrunch the lengths with your fingertips and let dry in the open air or with a cold air diffuser.

Acticurl curl activator spray, Activilong, €8.90.

 © Activilong

A silk pillowcase to protect

Why ? Unlike very absorbent cotton, this soft material preserves the hydration of the hair fiber. It also avoids friction and does not “foam” the hair. Upon awakening, they are as soft and detangled as at bedtime

How ? Every evening, make a “pineapple” bun. The hair raised on the top of the skull, so you avoid crushing your curls while sleeping.

Cuts on curly hair require a little more precision and technique than a cut on straight hair. Do you want a radical change of look ? Prefer hairdressers who cut curly hair dry because the volume work will be clearer. If you simply want to maintain your current cut , you can have it done on wet hair without any worries.

The gradient squares

There’s nothing like a pretty layered bob to give curly hair more bounce and to structure its volume. The hair can be cut just below the ears, to clear the nape of the neck, then degraded in the mass. The little extra: match your square with a long fringe that will give even more character to the cut.

Airy short haircuts

Curly hair can also dare short haircuts , provided you keep enough length on top of the head. To give a nice contrast to the cut and highlight the volume of the curls, the neck must be very short. The short haircut can also be paired with bangs to create a very soft rounded shape .

Very long hair

A nice length can also enhance curly hair, as long as it’s voluminous and healthy all the way to the ends . Do not hesitate to play the maxi volume card by degrading the lengths very little and styling your hair side hair style . If you want a slightly more structured effect, degrade only the strands around the face to maintain maximum density.


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