your routine according to your hair, adopting trendy hairstyles, not adopting the wrong gestures to take good care of your hair… There are many things to think about. If you want to take care of your hair, it is better to follow the advice of qualified experts. Here are 15 hair tips that will help you pamper your pretty mane. It’s your turn !

1/ Anticipate your outings

Tom Marcireau, Hairdresser and founder of the eponymous salon : “If your hair needs to be at its best on a specific date, concoct an intensive revitalization program a few days before. In the evening, a toning serum for the roots and a mask or an oil for the lengths , leave on overnight and rinse off the next day. »

2/ Adapt the formula to the scalp

David Lucas, Hairstylist and Founder of David Lucas salons : “Women choose their shampoo based on their hair type. But sometimes it’s the scalp that isn’t cared for enough, and as a result the hair is too toasty. So remember to alternate your usual treatment with a soothing, toning or balancing version for the scalp according to your needs. »

4/ Opt for “without rinsing” for fine hair

Massato, catwalk hairdresser, natural expert : “Traditional masks can sometimes be a bit heavy to treat this type of hair . I therefore recommend treatments that act like a face cream: you only apply to well-drained lengths and you style without rinsing. Actives can work all day and your hair stays light. » Also good are the “before washing” formulas without silicone which can be removed with shampoo to leave the hair light.

5/ Cunning when you’re in a hurry

David Lucas, Hairstylist and Founder of David Lucas salons : “Once in a while, if you’re really late, you can apply a dab of mask to damp lengths and ends and don’t rinse it out. This allows you to sheath the lengths, to detangle and to shine in a single gesture. »

6/ Twist with oil

Damien Boissinot, Hairstylist : “When you apply oil to the lengths , twist the hair and apply the oil upwards. This is the best way to ensure that it penetrates well and that the hair is well nourished.

7/ Respect the exposure time

Christophe-Nicolas Biot, hairdresser and founder of the Maison de Coiffure : “The most common mistake in the bathroom? Use masks as if it were a conditioner. It is a pity to invest in formulas so rich in beneficial ingredients for the hair if you do not give it time to act. By sending the installation, you only have the softening effect of the product and not the caring aspect that you expect. If you are really in a hurry in the morning, then it is better to leave it on all night and rinse it off the next day”.

8/ Go to the natural hairdresser

Massato, catwalk hairdresser, natural expert : “When you want to change your haircut , come to your appointment without brushing, smoothing or perfect ringlets . This can distort the vision of your hair type for the hairdresser. We need to see how the hair curls, foams or takes folds to imagine a cut that best respects your nature.

9/ Help actives penetrate

Olivier Lebrun, Hairdresser, Creator of the Olab Paris salon : “If you have damaged hair , the best thing is to apply the mask before shampooing . But the care active ingredients need water to be guided inside the fiber and to be truly effective. At the salon, I lightly mist the hair before applying it and leaving it on. »

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