Curly, straight or frizzy hair, all hair types need to be treated with rigor and meticulousness. If being stuck at home makes you lazy, that doesn’t mean you have to neglect your hair and put aside your beauty products. On the contrary, we rush into his bathroom to take care of it as it should.

Keep a usual washing frequency

While one might think that washing your hair less helps to have beautiful hair, it is indeed the opposite. During this period of confinement, it is advisable to keep your usual washing frequency provided you use mild shampoos. Not washing your hair for several weeks can lead to increased sebum production, which is not beneficial to the scalp . “The sebum traps all the micro-particles on the scalp, which is very bad. In case of over-production of sebum , we can see the appearance of dandruff caused by small fungi that sebum can increase tenfold”, explains Matthieu Séguier, hairdresser and founder of Salons Séguier.

Let her hair rest

The hair dryer, straightener and curler, we forget! Take advantage of not going out for several weeks in a row to let your hair air dry and keep its natural appearance. ”  The straightener, often used at a temperature between 180° and 200°, is the main cause of the damage caused to our hair if its use is regular. So, a month of respite from our beautiful hair can do them the greatest good.

Take the opportunity to make natural masks

Normally after a long day at work, the desire to take care of your hair is no longer there. Now you don’t miss the time. It’s time to head into her kitchen and use natural ingredients to concoct her own homemade skincare . Yogurt, honey, eggs or even lemon juice, many natural alternatives are at your fingertips. “You have to take advantage of this period to put your masks on longer or clean your scalp thoroughly with green clay for example” , specifies our expert.”Cleansing your scalp with green clay regulates sebum and removes all impurities from the hair such as pollution and dead skin. This is a mask to be preferred if you have hair that gets greasy quickly” . This time with the time we have ahead of us, we leave our masks on preferably all night (or all day) in order to penetrate all its benefits into the hair fiber.

Make oil baths

“Take the time to do rather than not do” recommends Matthieu Séguier. “Making an oil bath takes a bit of your time but is worth it” . This treatment allows the hair and scalp to be deeply nourished. To make one, just take one or more vegetable oils and mix them. Then, apply the mixture or the oil alone from roots to ends, ending by massaging the scalp to stimulate hair growth. As for the choice of oils, it depends on the needs of your hair. For brittle hair , avocado oil is preferred, to promote growth, castor and mustard oil are your allies and to reduce frizz., broccoli oil is ideal. If you don’t have that in stock, the classics like coconut oil and olive oil are still effective vegetable oils to nourish and add shine to hair.

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